Blake and I are headed to Denver in mid-September thanks to $198 round trip tickets on Southwest. We wanted to have one last hurrah before his baby arrives this winter, so this is going to be it. We are CLUELESS when it comes to fly fishing in Colorado, so this is also a call for help to fellow anglers out there on the internet that stumble upon this blog. I figure we’ve got a few months to study up and formulate a plan, but any help is appreciated, just email me or send me a facebook message if you want to keep anything private. I can pay you with Louisiana redfish knowledge if you wish.

Not sure where we are staying yet, I figure we can nail that down as we figure out where we’d like to fish. I’d love to find a cabin on some water. We’ll be looking to spend more time on the water though and less time in the car, so it may be on the Front Range, or westward on I-70. We would like to go with a guide for at least the first day we’re there to help shorten the learning curve that comes with fishing new water, and hopefully put us on some solid fish. Finally, we’d also like to catch a cutthroat trout; greenback, Colorado River, maybe even both, it doesn’t really matter though as I’ve caught neither.

We’re pretty excited though, it will be a good break for us flatlanders from Louisiana to just experience the Rockies, much less fish them.

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