Fly Fishing

I’ll be presenting on a couple of different topics at the inaugural Gulf Coast Classic presented by the Gulf Coast Council of the FFI. One talk I’ll be doing with the legendary Catch Cormier will be on kayak fly fishing, where I’ll focus on sightfishing for redfish. Another talk I will be doing will be on the Gulf Coast Coucil’s Suncatch Challenge, a program the Council has developed that challenges fly fishers to target every native sunfish across the Gulf Coast. There is a lot more to the Classic beyond that, I’m not going to regurgitate all the info here, just click the link above to find out more. There will be a Mixed Bag tournament for all the multi-species anglers out there, fly tying demonstrations, and much more. I encourage all fly fishers or fly tyers in the region to come check out the event, it’s going to be a great time, there will truly be something there for everyone. The event will close with the Fly Fishing Film Tour, which if you’ve never caught a showing is always entertaining. Hopefully I’ll see some you folks there!

Come on out to Rally Cap Brewing tonight for a very special Flies & Flights. It’s our last get together in 2022 and Matt from Orvis Baton Rouge has graciously donated 18 pint glasses for the first folks who arrive. On top of that, three lucky attendees will be taking home some brand new tying materials to add to their kits.

Marcus was ahead of Blake and I on the tributary and had elected to walk out and head back down to the main stem before we were ready to. I was happy with our decision to stay because I don’t know that he ever made it up to the nice spot where Blake and I finished up and caught those nice cutts. We hiked back down the trail from there and decided to fish the main stem of the river in that area where the tributary dumps in while we were waiting for Marcus and still had daylight. We rang Marcus up on the walkie and found out he was further downstream from us so the water from that point upstream was ready to be fished.

The fishing that late afternoon, especially the dry fly fishing, was a lot of fun. It was outstanding. I was having a hell of a time landing fish without a net and then taking a pic so I documented maybe a quarter of them. I did get a fun series of Blake catching a nice cutt right before we decided to head back up the road to the campsite.

I just learned Google Photos will animate your pics for you, so I may start throwing those in more posts. Sorry, not sorry.

It was a great way to end what was already a fantastic day and that success played into how we’d spend the next day.