Brokeback bass

Caught this guy yesterday in the neighborhood pond. I’ve never seen anything like it – a bass with scoliosis.



  1. NickKills said:

    Thats crazy looks cool


  2. Ben, believe it or not, I caught one like this a couple of years ago in one of the lakes by my house. There is a catch and release rule here from February through April 30 and I caught this nice bass like yours with the broken back the first weekend in May. It must have weighed around 3 pounds so I decided to keep it since it had the broken back. I didn’t have a stringer so I put it on the bank where I was fishing and I moved down about 50 yards to fish some more before the sun went down. I saw this big thing swoop down in the corner of my eye and I watched an owl grab my bass and fly off with it. I’m glad someone got to eat it that evening 🙂


  3. yowser said:

    Although not harmfull to people, it’s completely edible, it has a particularly heavy infestation of a bird parasite. I had one keep striking and missing most of a summer. I found out about him after catching him. It’s recognizable from an injury because it has both vertical and horizontal breaks. Eventually the tail turns straight up.


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