If it was “Fly of the Month” or any other fly SBS featured on this blog, you can find it below. All tying & instruction credit goes to Blake Leblanc.

February 2012 – Legged Mud Minnow

March 2012 – Rubber Legged Dragon

April 2012 – Fools Gold Crab Fly variant

May 2012Madam X variant

June 2012Bow River Bugger variant

July 2012 – Beck’s Sili Legs variant

August 2012 – The Redfish Intruder

September 2012 – The Veetle

October 2012 – Crab Slider v2.0

November 2012Jack Hammer Minnow

December 2012 Articulated Crease Fly

January 2013Bull Red Wool Head

February 2013Hair Wing Minnow

March 2013Bass Bully variant

April 2013BP crab fly

May 2013CC Stonefly

June 2013Flashtail Minnow

July 2013Deceiver variant

August 2013 SS Goby

September 2013Blake’s crabby clouser

October 2013Blake’s squid fly

November 2013Fukushima crab

December 2013The Tidewater Special

January 2014Rasta variant

February 2014 Chubby Chernobyl

March 2014CDC Pheasant Tail

 April 2014Woolly Pickle

 May 2014BH Featherduster

 June 2014VBF Stone

 Crease fly

July 2014 – RLBHGRHE

August 2014 The skullet

September 2014Ultra Shrimp Fly variant

  1. Wayne AKA wtbfishin said:

    Great lookin’ patterns man!! I’m still dreamin’ about one of those Bulls on the Fly Rod, I’m on the bay in Walton Co Fl and can not find them! Plenty of trout and rats but no Bulls to date,

  2. metiefly said:

    Awesome flies! Fukushima crab and legged mud minnow are SERIOUS ammunition! Best regards – metiefly

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