FYI, this section does not get updated regularly.  I’ll continue to post fly recipes and instruction for tying them as I get them.  If it was historically a “Fly of the Month” or any other fly SBS featured on this blog, you can find it below. All tying & instruction credit for flies featured here goes to Blake Leblanc unless noted otherwise.  If you have a fly that you’d like featured just get in touch with me and I’ll see about adding it to the library here.

2012 Featured Flies

2013 Featured Flies

2014 Featured Flies

2017 Featured Flies

2022 Featured Flies

  1. Wayne AKA wtbfishin said:

    Great lookin’ patterns man!! I’m still dreamin’ about one of those Bulls on the Fly Rod, I’m on the bay in Walton Co Fl and can not find them! Plenty of trout and rats but no Bulls to date,


  2. metiefly said:

    Awesome flies! Fukushima crab and legged mud minnow are SERIOUS ammunition! Best regards – metiefly


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