Below is a collection of maps I’ve assembled highlighting the ranges of native fish I’ve targeted.  Below each map are links to trips I’ve taken in the past.  It is my hope that this page will continue to grow in the future.  Perhaps this will be serve as a resource and benefit to those of you interested in pursuing native fish.  Often I get asked about where I fished on certain trips, a lot of times those questions go unanswered.  I don’t have a problem sharing the watersheds or river systems where I target fish, but it is not very often you will see me write about a specific stream or waterbody that I’ve fished.  I do this out of respect to the people who call these places home and fish there a lot more often than I do.  Plus I get a kick out of doing the front-end research and I think you will too.

Brook Trout in Georgia

Georgia Brook Trout Trips

Cutthroat Trout Ranges within Wyoming

Wyoming Cutthroat Trips

Cutthroat Trout Ranges within Utah

Utah Cutthroat Trips

Redeye Bass Ranges

Alabama and Georgia Redeye Bass Trips

Smallmouth Bass Subspecies

Arkansas Smallmouth Bass Trips

Shoal Bass Range

Georgia Shoal Bass Trips

Choctaw Bass Range

Florida Choctaw Bass Trips

Guadalupe Bass Range

Texas Guadalupe Bass Trips

Shadow Bass in Louisiana

Shadow Bass Trips

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