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This clip from the Shire Life has me hoping to make it to the Gunnison one day.

My wife has been wanting to go skiing for probably as long as I’ve known her, I was a little hesitant.  I’ve spent my entire life in the South, so the idea of cold weather flat out scares me.  The only thing I knew about skiing was that it was expensive.  I mean I would certainly entertain the idea if the timing was right.  Finally the opportunity presented itself with a friend of our’s 40th birthday.  He wanted to go skiing and was able to convince 14 friends to join him.  I still don’t know how we got that many to go or how we were able to stay pretty coordinated for the entire trip, but I gotta say, we had a blast.  We passed on formal lessons, instead relying on our buddy and I picked it up without much of an issue, Amanda wasn’t as quick, but she was an expert on the greens by day three.

We started the trip off with some snow tubing then a visit to a local brewery.  No shortage of those in Colorado.  Snow tubing was a great intro to winter recreation.




The next three and a half days were spent in Breckenridge trying to avoid major injury.  I’m happy to report that everyone made it back to Louisiana unscathed.  Breckenridge is a cool town with tons of ski options.  Everyone was without child for 5 days, so we lived it up.  We certainly can’t party like we did back in college, especially after skiing all day, but we had a great time.










I chickened out on bringing fly equipment and according to a couple of the fly shops I stopped in that may have been a mistake, but packing ski equipment and fishing equipment would have been a chore.  I’m glad I didn’t because I really didn’t leave myself any time to fish, I had too much fun skiing.  We’ll do it again in the future, after all we own proper clothing now, it would be a shame to see it only used once.  I am hoping to make it out West again when it is quite a bit warmer and fishing is the primary activity.  I’m also happy to report the cold weather didn’t bother me, I was very comfortable, even on the slopes.  That Columbia makes some damn fine clothes, for any activity.

I didn’t do a good job of posting my monthly staples, beer and fly, in October so I am doing it now.  The beer of the month for October was the Milk Stout Nitro from Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, Colorado.  I got turned onto milk stouts by an old high school pal of mine one night when I was back home for Thanksgiving.  He did a little bartending while in college up at Indiana, so I was privy to his recommendation.  I wasn’t much of a stout drinker at the time, but a good milk stout will certainly turn a man.  I’m not sure if the Nitro is what we were drinking, but it has been my favorite of the style thus far.  I’m kind of bummed that the one time I went through Longmont, CO I didn’t make it over to the brewery, we went to Oskar Blues instead (not too shabby for Longmont to have both Oskar Blues and Left Hand in the same town).  There is a damn fine fly shop in Longmont and plenty of good fishing nearby so maybe I’ll make my way up there again in the future.  This is a Nitro:

And this is how you pour it – hard:

What the beer geeks have to say about it: