Fishing the Bonnet Carre

From one spillway to another, I fished the Bonnet Carre this past weekend. I was looking for sacalait and potentially some largemouth bass. I did find each, but not in any significant numbers. It was a good time exploring a new fishery though. I’ve driven over it several times on Airline Hwy heading to see Amanda’s family, but now I finally got to fish some of the ponds. There are tons of ponds too, so many places to check out in the future. I didn’t catch too many fish, but that doesn’t mean the area doesn’t have potential. Another thing, for such a beautiful day, I thought I’d see a lot more people, but I was able to have ponds all to myself, which was pretty nice.






  1. Kevin Andry said:

    That looks great. Beautiful area. You caught them on your fly rod? I’m off of school the week after Easter. If you’re free, let’s make a trip there or the Blind River.


    • Nothing on the fly. I threw it for a little while, but wasn’t getting any action, not even any bream, so I put it away.


  2. Where did you put in at? Did you use a 4 wheeler? I just moved to norco and am looking for some good fishing spots


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