Atchafalaya Sacalait

My parents came in town this past weekend so Dad and I hooked up with my brother-in-law Kurt on a sacalait trip in the Atchafalaya Swamp. It wasn’t a banner day by any means, but we caught some solid fish and had a good time fishing and sight seeing in the Atchafalaya. We had to run a ways to find some good looking water, but we did find it. I think we ended up catching every one of our fish off of stumps and trees and had no action in and around the grass. I ended catching a slab goggle-eye too, it was a 10″ chunk that was probably over a pound in weight. It was pretty cool to see a few raptors during the boat ride, especially the bald eagle right at the launch.










  1. Wayne Beard said:

    Hey Man I love the vid of the Reds, how far are most of your cast they seem really close and they seem to hit every time, what are you seeing, the wake of these fish or the actual fish? Does your yak have outriggers? I’m dying to catch a Bull on my FR.




    • Wayne, most of the casts I make for reds are within 20 ft of the boat and if you make an accurate cast out in front of them they will usually eat. I see the actual fish or it’s silhouette most of the time, which is why a good pair of polarized sunglasses is important. Sometimes the fish make it easy on you and show you their backs or their tails, but a majority of the time they are just beneath the surface. No outriggers needed on these Jackson kayaks, they are stable enough for me to stand up and move around without them.


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