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Bass Bully Variant – March fly of the month

Pattern is a variant of the Wilson’s bass bully, located here:

Blake has modified a few of the tying steps and substituted a few different materials.

Materials, in order of application:

Size 2, 60 degree bend jig hook

Zonker strip for the tail

Estaz chenille

Krystal flash chenille

Dumbbell eyes

Pseudo marabou

Step 1. Measure the hide of zonker strip to be equal to the length of the hook shank. Be sure to measure the correct end of the zonker so that the hair points towards the rear when tied in.


Step 2. Poke a hole in the hide and insert the hook point through the hole from the bottom of the strip to the top. Start a thread base and wrap back to the bend. I like to put a little glue on my thread base to make sure it doesn’t spin on the shank.


Step 3. If you have a rotary vice, spin the fly upside down for the next few steps. If you don’t have a rotary function, it may be easier to finish the fly by re-setting the hook upside down. Pull the zonker so that it is butted up against the thread base. Pinch the zonker with your thumb and finger. Make a few pinch wraps here. If you want to, you could just cut the zonker strip a little longer than the shank length and tie it in by the tip of the strip. I prefer to do it this way because the extra hair at the tie-in point makes a little smoother transition between the body and the tail.



Step 4. Cut the zonker about ¾ the length of the shank and tidy up the shank.


Step 5. Turn the fly back over and tie in the estaz chenille.


Step 6. Bring thread to the eye and tie in the dumbbells at the 60 degree bend.


Step 7. Lay down a layer of hard as nails and wrap the extaz chenille about 2/3 of the shank.


Step 8. Tie in the flash chenille. Make a couple wraps and tie it off.



Step 9. Tie in legs. I used the spanflex legs with two (one folded in half around the thread) on either side.


Step 10. Cut two pieces of pseudo marabou (wool or any number of other items would work here also) and spin them around the shank, one behind the dumbbells and one in front. I just push the wool over the eyes, make two soft wraps, and tighten them down. Pull the material back, bring thread forward of the dumbbells and repeat the process.





Step 11. Whip finish the thread. Trim the head to reveal the flash. Careful not to cut the legs. I like to trim mine pretty short. Finished Fly, enjoy.





Proof of concept: