Another video from Paul and the folks at Kayak Fish mag featuring my ugly mug was published on their website this week.  Be sure to check it out here:

The footage was from one of my best days on the water ever, back in late January of last year – several bull reds and a massive black drum were caught with the fly rod  that day and I was all by myself trying to document it.  If you want to see more video from that day, check out the two videos below:


I recently sent Paul Lebowitz from Kayak Fish magazine a little unpublished GoPro footage from my tangle with a couple Jack Crevalle last year.  They edited the video and put it to a little audio, and just published it a few days ago.  If you want to check it out you will have to visit their website:  It’s short, but that’s the point.  I thought it came out pretty good, I’ll take free video editing when I can get it – that to me is the toughest part of taking a lot of video and admittedly I don’t put enough time into it.  If you haven’t picked up Kayak Fish magazine, be sure to check it out, Paul has done a fantastic job with it.