A Feliciana stream in June

I never got around to writing a report until now, but back in June I found the time to wade fish a Feliciana parish stream with the long rod.  I made it on the water as the sun was rising and actually caught a bass on one of my first few casts.  The action was slow after that, but it was, and has always been, time well spent and a great way to beat the summer heat.

The usual suspects were around – spotted bass, longear sunfish, and bluegill, but I also had the pleasure of catching another shadow bass.  This was likely the biggest I’ve ever caught too.  He came off some submerged timber in the very middle of a deep bend in the creek I was fishing.  True to form, he hit a dead drifted crawfish pattern I was running behind a big hopper.  It’s always fun to catch these guys as they are pretty unique.

Google Earth tells me I fished maybe half a mile before I was ready to call it a day and turn around to head back home.  It never fails that when I’m fishing I think I’m covering at least a mile, but in reality it is always much less.  It’s funny how that works.  It makes you wonder about all the untouched water that lies beyond a mile or two from an access point?  How much better is the fishing if I put in the work to get there?

  1. cole miller said:

    Thanks for the report and the pictures ! Would love to go do that — any suggestions on where to go , park, etc. ?


    • George Ann Peters said:

      Thanks for the report. Makes me want to go exploring a bit.


    • Get on Google Earth and look for Florida parish streams with big sand bars, find the intersection of those with roads and then go scout out those access points. Sometimes they are duds and sometimes they work out, but that’s how I find the places I fish. The Comite has lots of bridges that cross it and a few public parks on it BTW, that’s a good place to start.


  2. Corey Tohme said:

    Do you fish the areas with the tall bluff banks or just pass them up and focus on the “better” areas such as under trees and short cut banks?


    • I have a tendency to fish everything so yes I do fish the bluffs. I probably won’t stay long, only looking for aggressive fish, but it’s hard for me to pass up water.


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