Memorial Day Weekend in North Georgia – part 3

We took our time getting out on the stream on Tuesday, I’m not even sure if we made it out before noon.  Whenever we did make it out, the fish were still there and they were still biting.  Numbers were down for me on the final day, but I still managed to at least hook and fight a fish in every hole.  I think we did our job and educated a fair amount of trout over the past two days.



We made it to a spot on the creek we hadn’t hit the past two days and had a small flurry of activity there catching a few fish on dries, which is always a kick, especially considering the size of the dries we were throwing(locust size hopper patterns).  Blake even ended up catching a redhorse on the dropper, right on the top of his snout.  Beautiful fish, you rarely get an up close look at them even though you see them stacked up in the riffles,  they hardly ever take a fly though.



We headed back toward the cabin for supper then Amanda and I decided to take Marin on a ride in the UTV.  We caught up with my mom at a bend to see how she was doing and on cue she catches a nice rainbow. We got in the water for a photo op – I think Marin was impressed. Mom caught some nice fish over the weekend too, we weren’t the only ones there harassing the fish in the creek.





We made another evening fish after supper but all I could muster were a few hookups.  No trout were landed for me in the evening, which made for a bittersweet end to our trip.  We still had another great time at the cabin though.  The fishing at the cabin seems to get better every year – a big thanks to Dad, Jim, Dan and the rest of the folks who look after the stream.  They have created a tremendous resource for anyone that gets a chance to fish it.  We never made it to a small stream on this trip and it didn’t even bother me.  The cabin fishing was too good to leave.  A big thanks to my parents for being gracious hosts to us, again.

This Memorial Day trip has become tradition and I look forward to it every year.  It happens to be a great time to fish for trout in the North Georgia mountains and with the extra day off of work it just makes sense to head that way.  Of course none of this would be possible if it weren’t for our freedom.  I am very thankful to the men and women who serve to protect this great country and honor those who have died while doing so.


  1. Todd said:

    I live here in Alpharetta and in laws live in New Orleans area. I really enjoy website, posts and links. Sounds like you get to experience best of both worlds more so than me on both ends. I’m envious but kid sports take it of you once your kids get older. Those are some pigs from your trip to North Ga.. You must have been on some trophy waters.

    Thanks for the website, if I cant go, its at least nice to read about somebody else getting out.


    • Thanks Todd – I’m sure I’ll be into those kids sports soon enough


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