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RLBHGRHE, that’s a mouthful.  It is also July’s fly of the month.  It’s a play on the lazy acronyms fly tiers throw around to describe their flies.  It stands for Rubber Leg Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hares Ear.  It just as easily could have been the BHRLGRHE, or perhaps the GRBHRLHE, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that this fly, loaded with the accessories that make up it’s name, catches fish.  Not just trout, but bream too and even the stray bass.  I once caught a redfish on a woolly bugger and I’d bet money you could fool a redfish with this fly as well – though you may have to size up and use a saltwater hook.


  • Hook – I prefer a 2x long shank if I’m using a bead and a 1x long if not
  • Bead to fit hook size
  • Round rubber legs
  • Gold tinsel ribbing
  • Hares ear dubbing
  • Pheasant tail
  • Flashabou

1. Thread bead on hook and mount in vise. Wrap lead wire around the shank where the abdomen will be. This helps to stabilize the bead and also add weight to get the fly down to where the fish are. Cover lead with thread to lock everything in place.




2. Tie in the round rubber for the tail. I like to tie it in right behind the lead and wrap it all the way back to the tail. This helps create neat, smooth underbody to build the rest of the fly on. Cut these equal to a shank length.


3. Tie in tinsel on the far side of the hook.


4. Dub a fairly skinny thorax


5. Rib with the tinsel


6. Tie in two pieces of flashabou


7. Tie in a pheasant tail slip for the wing case.


8. Tie in a round rubber leg on either side


9. Dub the abdomen. I like to make this area a bit more bulky.


10. Pull over the pheasant and tie in with a few wraps. Then do the same with the flashabou. Whip finish


11. This last step is optional. Coat shell back and flashabou with your favorite UV cure goo or epoxy. This helps to protect the shell back and really makes the flashabou stand out (even though you can’t see that in the pics.) Finished fly. Enjoy.


Amanda and I spent nearly a week earlier this month with my family down in St. John of the US Virgin Islands.  It was a tremendous trip, we had a wonderful time and really enjoyed a relaxing trip to the Caribbean.  I wasn’t sure how we would handle being that long away from our little girl, but it really wasn’t a problem knowing she was in good hands with Amanda’s parents.  We ate and drank well, we swam, snorkeled, hiked, and really just got reacquainted with an island that my family has been to a few times now.  Some of the highlights included the sunsets on the deck, the hike out to Rams Head, snorkeling with the sea turtles at Maho Bay and tarpon at Francis Bay, and the sunset sail on Survivan.  I packed a couple fly rods, but never felt the urge to break them out and dedicate time to fishing – I was too busy enjoying not-fishing, if that makes any sense.







In keeping with the product release theme, another new offering this year from Jackson Kayak will be a Realtree edition Kilroy.  This boat comes loaded with features that all hunters will enjoy, but I see it being especially useful for my duck hunting friends.

“The Realtree Edition Kilroy comes with features specifically designed with the waterfowler’s needs in mind, including custom Realtree Max-5 camouflage boat graphics by CamoWraps, and these other Realtree Max-5 features:

• Soft Deck with large pocket for storage of the fitted blind system, ammo, calls, headlamps and any other items requiring quick access,

• Fitted Blind System that allows you to convert the boat to a mobile layout duck blind, sporting zippered panels to allow access to gear, space for a dog, and other smaller openings to access the YakAttack gear tracks for use of RAM or other accessories,

• Removable Decoy Bag that stores securely behind the seat and comes with a shoulder sling for easy carrying out of the boat,

• Slip-on Seat Cover to conceal the seat when the hunter is not in the boat or just protect the seat from muddy paw prints.

Ideal for a wide range of sportsmen and women from 120 – 250 pounds the Realtree Edition Kilroy is made of incredibly durable and abuse-resistant rotomolded polyethylene. The kayak weighs 69 pounds and has a recommended load capacity of a beefy 375 pounds. MSRP is $1799.

The Realtree Edition Kilroy will debut to sporting goods buyers at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City Aug. 4 – 9.”

This is an ideal boat for the Louisiana sportsman – think of it as an improved pirogue.  Imagine going on a duck hunt in the morning, then spending the afternoon stalking redfish – the perfect cast and blast.  Very cool to see Jackson recognize that it is not just fishermen out there that can benefit from the use of a kayak.  All sportsmen can take their hobbies to the next level, what a great boat for those wanting to do so.

For more information, check out Rapid Media online.


Kraken-top-JM-modified-V7Another announcement from Jackson Kayak last week was the release of their new offshore fishing kayak – the Kraken.  This is the boat that Jim Sammons has been working with Tony Lee and the design team at Jackson Kayak to create.  After fishing in Panama with Jim for a week back in February, I know that he is pretty stoked that this boat is finally a reality.

“Our core mandate was to build a great paddling boat for fishing, instead of a fishing boat we can paddle,” said Jackson Kayak design team lead Tony Lee. “The end result reflects all our design experiences pulled together into one very awesome paddling kayak.”  This is a paddler’s fishing kayak, something speedy for the big water guys, which is right up Jim’s alley.

“Key features of this monstrously equipped ready-to-fish kayak include the following:

  • A new and improved Elite seat with fore/aft adjustable trim to compensate for large load swings;
  • All new, more comfortable foot pegs;
  • New hinged center hatch for easier hull storage access
  • 4 behind-the-seat rod holders: 2 RAM Rocket Launchers, 2 Flush Mount;
  • Neoprene sealed dual-level front hatch;
  • Bait tank pump scupper;
  • Transducer scupper for fish finders.

Rotomolded of linear plastic, the Kraken weighs 75 pounds and has a capacity of a whopping 550 pounds. MSRP is $1799; $1999 with rudder.

The Kraken will debut to sporting goods buyers at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City Aug. 4 – 9.”

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