Monthly Archives: January 2013


Baton Rouge is somewhere in that light pink, between 12-14″. That break in the rain we had this past weekend was just that, a break. It has been raining ever since, though not as heavy. The difference between this week’s rains and last week’s, besides the volume, is that temps have dropped and the rain is cold. This is what I imagine it feels like to live in England. Just a cold, misty, foggy, crap day, every day. Hope it ends soon, until then, Creedence seems fitting:

We’ve had rain for what seems like every day this past week and based on the rain gauge in my yard it was at least 8″ worth. So the opportunity to get outside and wet a line was too appealing to pass up yesterday during a lull. The silver lining to all this rain has been the temps hovering in the 70’s, so I hoped the bass would be pretty active. I caught a couple nice bass on a black spinnerbait, but there wasn’t a whole lot of action on the water.

Woke up this morning to the first sunshine I’d seen since Bama won the the championship, I was starting to think this was no coincidence. Fished a different pond in the neighborhood and caught ten in about an hour, what a difference a day makes.