Same old song and dance

Hit another creek Saturday, which may be my favorite creek to wade in Louisiana. Conditions were just as they were on Friday, though the water level in this creek was not as low as the other. Fishing was a little slower than on Friday and again none of the bass had any size to them, but the creek was as beautiful as ever. The bluegill were very active. I usually don’t catch too many on the creeks, but they were all over the place Saturday. I also caught one of the prettiest longears I’ve ever seen and a redspotted sunfish, don’t see those too often. Not too many longear caught overall which is strange for this creek. I also got a double on the popper-dropper Saturday, those are always fun. I might not have caught as many bass as on Friday, but I saw far more diversity, it was a great day. The Tevas are officially badass, I’ll post up a gear review soon. In all honesty, they are exactly what I wanted in a wading shoe for Louisiana creeks.


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