Sunday Creekin’

Saturday was a long day of St. Patty’s Day debauchery, capped off with boiled crawfish. Baton Rouge puts on a good parade. I like it better than the Mardi Gras parades in town.

Sunday, Kurt and I headed to a local creek to see how the spotted bass were doing. The water level and clarity was pretty good, though the sand was quite saturated making wading frustrating at times. Quicksand is no joke. I stepped in one spot and sunk up to my knee. Kurt hit a bad spot he had work his self out of. Luckily no shoes were lost. Fishing was somewhat slow, but I was catching them on top, so no complaints here. No big fish on the day either, everything was under a pound.











I finally found a live freshwater mussel. I’ve always only seen their open shells on the shore. Found this guy in shallow water with a trail a few feet long in the sand behind him.



After fishing I went down to the P-Mac to catch a friend in action on the court. Penn State is in town for the 1st round of the NCAA women’s tournament. Tori Waldner is a freshman at Penn State, the Waldner’s lived down the street from us back in Alpharetta. They won and play LSU in the 2nd round on Tuesday. We’ll be back for that one. Good luck Tori! BTW, check out the awesome comb-over on the guy in front of me.


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  1. Enjoy your blog and pics. Always good to see what another fellow fisherman is doing. Be blessed!


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