IFA Kayak Fishing Tour

It won’t be long until the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour is back in town with the first Louisiana division event slated for April 22, 2012. It will be held in Empire at Delta Marina. Louisiana will host 3 events this year (and potentially a 4th if the final comes back). The 2nd event will be June 17th in Delacroix and a regional event will be held in Slidell on September 9th. I am making plans to attend all of them, hopefully I can compete. The tournament is a CPR(catch-photo-release) style tournament of the combined length of your biggest redfish and speckled trout. I can handle the redfish, pretty clueless when it comes to trout, no less it should be a lot of fun. They always have a lot of great raffle prizes too.

A copy of the rules and signup form can be found here: http://ifakayakfishingtour.com/2012_signup_form_rules.pdf

Empire event details here: http://www.ifakayakfishingtour.com/tournaments/2012/details/empire_12.html

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  1. xjedifishx said:

    I’m going to try to get in the west Florida division this year. Good luck


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