Late Spring Creek Fishing

Got in a little bit of river time back in late April/May.  One was an afternoon trip with the girls to swim, the other a trip by myself with the fly rod.  Fishing wasn’t good at all to be downright honest with you all.  I might have caught one bass.  Still it was nice be out during the pandemic, which I think is important, otherwise we’d all go insane.







  1. cole miller said:

    Ben , looks like a Cabelas CGR rod. If so which one is it ?


    • That’s the 4wt, it’s not a bad rod for the price. I did like their old CGT rod better but I broke it a long time ago. I’ve got some Chinese glass on the way that I can’t wait to test out.


      • cole miller said:

        I do a good bit of pond fishing and I have the same 6’6″ 4wt. and the 7 1/2 ‘ 7/8 wt. that I use just for the ponds . They’re a blast !


  2. Chris W said:

    Excited to see the new influx of posts, Ben. I really enjoy your field reports.

    Regarding the streams, now’s the time to get back out there if time allows. Water is low and clear, and the bass are hungry. I landed quite a few on a morning trip to a similar stream earlier this week including a few nicer ones (1 lbs +).

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