Arctic Unicorns

The 2016 IF4 trailers are starting to show up – this one about chasing big char in the Arctic.

  1. Michael F. LaFleur said:

    Ben, back in the early 1980s, I was in charge of developing the Red Dog Mine, north of Kotzebue Alaska. It is now the world’s largest zinc mine. For three summers before construction started, we had a 30 to 50 man summer camp. Since it was on tundra, we could not use wheeled vehicles, so everything including people were all moved by helicopters. After work, 3 to 5 of us would grab our rods and jump into a helicopter for a 5 minute ride to the Wulik River, the world premier arctic char spanning river. It was great. We would each catch between 1 and 3 char, but release all but one nice one for dinner. We would fly back to camp and drop the char at the cook Tough hut, and the go shower before dinner. Our cooks could fix it several ways, all delicious. This is how I learned to fly fish. job. If you ever get a chance to fish the Wulik, do it. Mike


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