Monthly Archives: December 2015

Back in October the ARF crew made their annual pilgrimage to Grand Isle.  Of course the weather was terrible and fishing was tough, which is pretty much why I never got around to posting about it.  I only managed to make it down Saturday into Sunday morning.  The wind blew and the tide was high but clarity was good and the trout were out there to be caught. I stopped in Leeville on the way in and caught about a half dozen before I decided I had had enough of the wind.


No reds for me which feels weird, but that’s how the weekend went – at least for me. This was my first opportunity to give the new Kraken 13.5 a go and it is very nice. One trip is hardly enough for an adequate review, but I liked what I saw in it on Saturday. Can’t wait to use it in good conditions. If there is any question of it’s stability – I was standing in the marsh fishing with 20+ mph wind gusts and it was no problem. Way more stable than I thought it would be, and I’m thrilled about that.


That night under the lights, while most were asleep, I could have caught a million undersized white trout and specks with the fly rod off the dock if I wanted, but then it started raining – and it didn’t stop until Monday.  Big thanks to the guys from ARF and their perennial drought relief services.


Head to the ARF website to read the rest of the reports: Bayou Bash 2015 ‘Embrace the Blow’

Blake and I finally got the opportunity to take a trip together in his “new” boat and it did not disappoint.  The weather was nice with temps comfortable, winds fairly light and cloud cover pretty patchy – conditions to sight fish were excellent.  The only thing working against us was the tide – water was high in the marsh.  Thankfully though, clarity was great, so we still did a pretty good job of spotting fish.  Blake gave me an ample supply of bow time and I can safely say that I was able to connect on a majority of my chances.



Things were pretty slow very early on but got better as the sun kept rising.  I had one good fish break me off, but the 7wt ended up getting a pretty good workout on upper slot and baby bull redfish throughout the morning.



Blake eventually let me get up on the platform and I feel like I did a good job knocking off the rust – it’s been a LONG time since I poled a boat around.  I’m still not very good at it, but I’m happy to report that Blake was able to land his first red on the fly from the bow of his boat, which is hopefully just the first of many more to come.


The boat should open up a lot of new water for us and it’s going to be a blast exploring it with him.