Update: The trailer for GEOBASS has disappeared from Youtube, but you can still find the episodes through the Motiv Fishing page

This looks to be a good follow up to GEOFISH and should be equally entertaining. Here’s the description from the Youtube page for the trailer:

“GEOFISH, in a continuing worldwide saga will cover the globe to search, find and explore the greatest waters never fished in #GEOBASS. Visit to learn more.

The “Trout Bums”, Thad Robison, Brian Jill, Jay Johnson and Chris Owens, star in the GeoFish series as it documents the lifestyles, adventures, mishaps, and camaraderie of four expedition anglers on an around the world epic journey. This time they’ve got their sights set on one species in particular — BASS!”

I don’t think the author of that last line understands how many different types of “bass” there are. Still it should be a pretty good flick.

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