Chubby Chernobyl SBS

February’s fly of the month (better late than never) is the Chubby Chernobyl. This is the fly we use when we want to float multiple nymph rigs with a lot of weight. When available I prefer it over a thingamabobber because it has killer buoyancy and there is nothing more badass than when a fish takes a swipe at this fly.


–          Flash

–          Dubbing

–          3mm foam

–          Wing material

–          Legs

Step 1. Insert hook in vise. I used a size 8 streamer hook. Wrap down a good thread base. I hit the thread with some super glue to lock it down.


Step 2. Tie in some flash at the back of the hook and cut it to be hook gap long.


Step 3. Dub the shank until you are even with the point of the hook.


Step 4. Cut a strip of 3mm foam the width of the hook gap. Trim the corners. I use 3mm foam on size 8 and larger and 2mm foam on anything smaller. This fly is all about floating, especially when dropping multiple nymphs off the back of it. Tie in the foam above the hook point extending to half the length of your flash.



Step 5. Tie in a wing on top. I used the material that comes in the middle of mylar tubing. Any hydrophobic, crinkly fiber will do though.


Step 6. Add a leg to either side.


Step 7. Dub a few wraps around the wing/leg tie in, then continue dubbing up the shank until about one eye-length behind the eye


Step 8. Tie down the foam and repeat steps 5 – 7. Whip finish thread between the eye and the foam.




Step 9. Trim foam over the eye to your desired length. Trim corners as you did the other side.


Step 10. Trim wing and legs to desired length and you have a finished fly. The wing on this fly, coated with some floatant, will float like a cork all day.




A pair of Colorado River browns that fell to the fly.


A Georgia rainbow that couldn’t resist either.



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