North Georgia – Day 2

Friday we headed to one of our favorite small streams in the area. It is one of the few in Georgia that have wild, reproducing populations of all three of the state’s resident trout species – brook, brown, and rainbow. Normally this stream is a can’t miss, it has fished well for us every time we’ve hit it, which is one reason we keep coming back. It also tends to produce some larger than average small stream fish. This time was a little different though, it didn’t fish nearly as well. I blame the slight cold front that moved through the area overnight, dropping lows into the 40s. Yeah I know, it’s a convenient excuse to explain slow fishing, but it’s the best I’ve got. Still we had a good time watching the rainbows we did catch smash dries, too bad we couldn’t convince any other species to come out and play.

We got off the stream early enough to head back to the cabin, grab a quick drink, then hit the creek before dark. It was still fishing pretty well, though I don’t remember seeing any of the bruisers we saw the day before.


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