Back in Georgia

It’s Memorial Day weekend and Blake and I have found our way back to North Georgia for our annual trip. We contemplated heading elsewhere for this weekend, fishing for something new, but after having some success last month, I had to come back. We got in town REAL early this morning, slept a bit, then headed out to the creek for the day. What a day it was! We had quantity, we had quality, and we couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Below are just a couple teaser pics, y’all will just have to wait for the good stuff.

IMGP7985 IMGP7981

  1. Kevin Andry said:

    Beautiful fish!


  2. Barrett Jones said:

    Great write up and can’t wait to hear after your return. Check out my blog as well!


  3. Andy said:

    I’ve got family near Helen and Cornelia. Looking forward to reading more. Where are you fishing (generally, not honey hole) 🙂


    • We’re fishing/staying in between Blue Ridge and Suches


  4. Greg Brignac said:

    Nice fish guys! Glad to see you made it back up to North GA before the Summer set in. I hope I’m as lucky this Fall.


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