Tarpon from a float tube

River Monsters is a show that I like to watch at times, mainly because it is interesting to see the big fish the host catches and all the different places he gets to fish (lucky bastard). If you can make it through the insufferable build up in the first half of the show to get to the second half where he actually goes after the big fish, it is usually worth the watch. I just don’t understand why every fish needs to be portrayed as a killer in order to do a show on them, but that’s beside the point.

So in the most recent episode Jeremy Wade is searching for big fish in Nicaragua (it seems obvious early on that he’s looking for tarpon) and the locals tell him that he needs to go see the “white boy” because the “white boy” catches a bunch of tarpon. The “white boy” is actually a German by the name of Daniel Goz that fly fishes for tarpon from a float tube. I’m thinking, “Huh, I’ve seen this before, this is a lot like Tapam (which was a badass flick from the 2010 Fly Fishing Film Tour) gotta be the same guy from the movie”, and sure enough Daniel Goz is the behind Tapam, along with Jan Back Kristensen. For those that haven’t seen a trailer, here’s one:


So, anyone up for a trip to Nicaragua? Though I do feel like a kayak would be a better platform to fish tarpon from, but maybe I’m biased.

  1. JimW said:

    Crazy lookin stuff !


  2. Man funny story I took a trip to Nicaragua earlier this year just to travel and met an old boy from the swamps in florida and he runs duck hunting tours and fishing charters all around. He told me about some freshwater tarpon fisheries and I was blown away. The duck hunting limits is how ever many you can shoot with 5 boxes of shells. Nicaragua is CHEAP too.


  3. Stuart V said:

    Yes, I had also sussed the River Monsters / Tapam connection. I am a total Tapam fan. For me, catching a large Tarpon from a float tube would be the ultimate fly fishing experence. Would you, or anyone else know any contacts that could help me on this quest?


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