North Georgia finale


Day 4 was not much of an encore for Blake and I, but more a much needed day of rest before we packed up and headed out. I did some halfhearted fishing, but after breaking off a few times I gave up. I hooked a few fish before then, but landed none of them. Mom caught a pretty nice trout though, on an inline spinner that Blake had tied for her (think wooly bugger with an attached spinner).




That afternoon we all took a ride to the Toccoa to check out the footbridge on the Benton Mackeye trail. We all agreed it was over-engineered for the pedestrian traffic it sees, but our wives took comfort in that fact as it swayed while others passed us by.



That night we sat around the campfire, a perfect way to end a trip up to the cabin.



Monday morning we headed out with the Subaru packed to the gills. While Blake and I fished, our wives had a good time at the outlets in Dawsonville and the Arts in the Park Festival in Blue Ridge. They did get a chance to stop by the new Blue Ridge Fly Fishing to pick up some swag and flies for Blake and I. I didn’t even have to ask – that’s love. I think they enjoyed the trip as much as we did. There is just something about those wild trout that gets my adrenaline going. I know they aren’t big, but they hit dry flies with reckless abandon and when you do hook into something bigger than 8″ – it is exciting! Especially with our 1 and 2 wt rods. It was sad to leave the cabin, but we’ll be back.


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  1. L'Ange du Bayou said:

    My wife, Meaux, and I are follerin’ your footsteps a week behind you. We’re fixin’ to head out of the cabin up here nawth of Blue Ridge an’ head down to either Nottely Lake or Blue Ridge Lake afore we head on back to Lawrenceville, jes’ nawth of ‘Lanta. I hope we have jes’ one day as y’all did!

    (Now I unnerstand why these folks up here are wonderin’ ’bout mah LSU shirts. Seems lahk they’ve been seein’ ’em two weekends in a row, huh?)


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