Like a kid at Christmas

Picked up a couple new boats yesterday, an urban camo Cuda 14 and a green hornet Cruise 12 angler. I was sad to part with the 12 but going with the 14 will give me a little more speed, without sacrificing stability. I went rudderless again, kind of hard to use one when you stand and fish most the time. I plan to mount a different tool off the back that I will be able to use while standing….




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  1. Man i’ve been struggling with the sluggishness of the 12′ for awhile now. Been thinking about going up to a 14′, maybe by the end of the year. Think i’ll wait to see what the big companies come out with for 2015 before though. You’ll have to give us a review of that powerpole once you’ve put it through its paces. Talked to a few folks and say they love em


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