Daily Archives: April 21, 2014


Just wanted to drop a quick plug for the best little kayak shop on the Mississippi Gulf coast – Everything Kayak. I had the pleasure of working with them at the Gulfport Yacht and Boat Show earlier this month. They had a great set up at the show showing off a small part of their kayak and SUP inventory, which included an area where you could demo their boats. Unfortunately the weather was not very cooperative and didn’t really get a lot of people out on the water. Normally this would be a big problem for a kayak shop, but Everything Kayak has an indoor pool at the shop where you can demo anything they carry – how cool is that? So it really wasn’t a big deal to tell folks to just head up the road to demo the boat of their interest.




Typical of big boat shows, the main focus was on the boating and yachting markets, but there were a few entertaining sideshows. The Everything Kayak booth was right next to the sea lions (don’t call them seals) who put on a show every few hours that was fairly entertaining. There were also on-the-water shows showcasing the Flyboard, a jet propelled system that allows the users to hover/fly above the water on boots that spray streams of water from them. Of course our own demo boats provided a boatload of entertainment when Ed showed us an impromptu re-entry onto a SUP.



If you’re on the Mississippi Gulf coast and you have any interest whatsoever in kayaks or SUPs go check Everything Kayak out. They carry pretty much every major brand out there, so if you’re looking to compare different kayaks it is super easy with their indoor demo pool. The best bit of advice I can give anyone looking to get into kayak fishing is to demo as many boats as possible – this is a great place to do it.