Blake’s crabby clouser

September’s fly of the month is a variation on an old standard, the clouser minnow. It’s not to be confused with Joe Bruce’s Crab Colored Clouser, though we realize some people call that fly a crabby clouser as well.

It’s a simple tie that has proven to be very effective catching redfish and sheepshead down here in Louisiana


–          Thread

–          Dumbbell eyes

–          Bucktail

–          Schlappen

–          Rubber legs 

Step 1. Start a thread base and wrap to a point where you want to attach your dumbbell eyes.


Step 2. Attach dumbbell eyes using figure 8 wraps and a few horizontal wraps between the shank and the eyes. Add some glue to lock everything down.


Step 3. Tie in a clump of deer hair at the eye of the hook in front of the dumbbells. Bring the thread behind the eyes and finish tying the bucktail down until you get to the hook bend, same as you would with a normal clouser minnow.


Step 4. Tie in a schlappen feather.


Step 5. Tie in 3 rubber legs using figure 8 wraps. I like the span-flex legs, but they tend to be a bit unruly.


Step 6. Palmer the schlappen up the shank and tie in behind the eyes. I find this step to be a lot easier when I use a piece of lead wire to keep the legs pulled forward while I palmer. I use my bodkin to pull sets of legs back as i get to them.


Step 7. Tie in the buck tail over wing just like you would on a regular clouser minnow. Cement your threads. Add some epoxy on the dumbbells and thread wraps if you would like.


Finished Fly.



Proof of concept.


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