Grand Isle again

I parlayed the trip down to Leeville for the Slamboree into a week of work on Grand Isle. Blake came down to fish on Sunday, unfortunately the wind that morning was relentless and forced an early exit from the water for us.


The wind let up a bit after lunch and I made my way to Elmer’s to see if I pick up a few trout in the surf. I caught some trout, mostly throwbacks, but the highlight of the day was this juvenile Jack Crevalle that came on the fly rod.


The next day meant the start of my work week and I found myself on an island full of these little guys.


The tides were low and falling fast and had these little hermit crabs exposed on all the tidal flats. Low tides also meant potentially good sight fishing, so that evening I went back to where Blake and I had planned to fish and with better conditions I was able to boat three reds between 18-22″ long. They were tagged and released to fight another day.


The next island I worked on was full of these black skimmers. They had a large nesting colony not too far from where we docked the boats. Most of their chicks had been fledged, but a few were still too small, including one stubborn guy who plopped down right in our work area.



A storm forced us off the island a bit early, but fear not, that just led to more specks in the surf – this time off of Grand Isle itself.




That concludes another fun filled week on the island. It must seem like I don’t do a whole lot of work while I’m down there, but I’m actually putting in roughly sixty hour work weeks while I’m down there. I’ve realized that the extra twenty hours I work is the time I had set aside to update the blog, so forgive the dead air.


  1. Nice trout. How do you like the Fat Tire? Time for a river trip šŸ™‚ No tide this weekend. How about Saturday?


    • I’ve enjoyed all of New Belgium’s brews, I’m thankful they’re carried in Louisiana now. Can’t do Saturday, I’ll be out of town on a bucket list type trip!


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