Fishing at the golf course

I was out of town this week for a conference and had some time on the way to my destination to wet a line. I called up a buddy of mine to ask where I should head and he mentioned a golf course, telling me that on this particular day it was closed and anyone can walk up and fish it. It has been awhile since I’ve fished a golf course, but know that they can be stellar, so this seemed like a no-brainer.

The course was beautiful. It was covered in live oak and low, rolling hills that ran into cypress bottomland with yellow iris bordered lakes. Winds were almost non-existent too, making it a perfect day to throw the long rod. I tied on a #6 Betts Bee Pop popper and went to work. Fishing was spectacular. The bass didn’t have much size to them, but they were plentiful, and aggressively feeding on top. I didn’t have to tie on another fly all day.











I fished for a couple hours and headed back to the car before it got too dark. Not sure how many bass I caught, I ended up losing count early on, the quick trip made for a great start to the conference!



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