Looking back at 2012 – part 1

It’s that time of year again; time to revisit the fishing trips of the year. 2011 was a tough year to follow, but I’ve got to admit 2012 was pretty awesome. From cutthroat to swordfish, I’d do it all over again if I could. Plans are already coming together that might have me pretty busy through Spring; fishing more new water, targeting all kinds of new fish. I’m definitely looking forward to what’s in store for 2013. So, here’s to the new year and all the exciting possibilities that come with it. First a look at 2012, click on any picture below to read the accompanying report.

January – I didn’t do a whole lot of fishing in January, we moved into our new house that month. The fishing I did do was in the neighborhood pond where I caught a few nice bass and my first catfish on the fly.


February – I went public with this blog back in February and finally got back on the water in the kayak for Mardi Gras. Had a pretty good trip, catching redfish, sheepshead, and black drum.


March – The bass fishing in the neighborhood really heated up in March, started catching more bluegill as well. Spent my birthday over at Hodges Gardens and made the first wade trip of the year for spotted bass. Squeezed in a day of fishing while on a work trip to OBX and some marsh fishing in preparation for Paddlepalooza, which was March 31st. March was a very busy month.







April – April Fool’s Day was a great day for reds and drum, but the highlight of the month was the swordfishing trip I went on over Easter break, it was pretty wild. Finished out April with an IFA tournament and JazzFest  down in New Orleans.





May – May was a pretty diverse month, starting with a trip to the marsh with Pops, the reds weren’t so cooperative but the drum were. Next up were the cats in the neighborhood pond. Then I made a couple of wade trips for spotted bass and hit a private farm pond with a neighbor. Finished the month in North Georgia on Memorial Day weekend wearing out the wild trout on dries.









June – Fished a good bit locally in June, sticking to the neighborhood and local ditches looking for roughfish. Made a wade trip later in the month and found the longear in full spawning regalia.




  1. Absolutely love the eclectic approach here. We still have Louisiana on our short list – redfish and trout in the marshes, dinners centered around oysters, shrimp and crabs, a bit of New Orleans – and we’re with you on the craft beers!


  2. Nice report, Ben. Hope the new year goes as well for you. I need to get together with you soon and demo your Cuda. I really want a yak I can stand in and sight fish for those reds.


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