On the hunt for carp

Man, it is hot out there. Been hitting 100 all week in south Louisiana. Combine that with the ever present high humidity and zero wind and it can be downright miserable. Fishing makes it bearable though. I’ve gotten out the past two days in search of common carp and have been unsuccessful. I really want to catch one on the fly. I’ve hit two separate drainage ditches that I thought might hold some, but I haven’t seen a one. We haven’t had any rain so the clarity in these ditches is pretty good, I thought that might help spot them. All I’m finding is turtles, mullet, gar, and bream though. That’s why scouting is important, it helps eliminate unproductive water so I can focus my efforts elsewhere.

Here are some pics from the past two days:






So, in short, I’m still searching for my carp. If anyone knows a good spot in Baton Rouge, let me know. I did find some prime spotted gar water if that is any consolation. Caught a few on the nylon rope fly I tied, no pictures though.

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