Teva Sling King Review

These were a birthday gift from my parents in March, via an Amazon gift card (you can buy anything on Amazon, thanks Mom and Dad). I’ve been eyeing something new to replace my Bite Primal flats boots, which are pretty shot after a few years of use, and the Sling Kings looked like they would fit the bill.

I’ve worn them a few times while kayak fishing and now twice wading our local creeks. These are far more comfortable than the flats boots I was wearing. I think being a lower profile helps with the comfort. I was a little concerned with gravel and sand entering around the ankle and falling into the footbed, but so far it has not been a problem, even after submersing my foot in quicksand. The grip is fine for the streams I will be fishing, though I’m not sure it would be on rocky streams where felt is king. I’ve got separate boots for those. Fly line doesn’t get tangled on the straps, like other shoes I have, but if you step on line it may slip into the valleys of the grip pattern.

The one negative thing I have noticed is that the strap has come loose a few times, usually while walking back to the car, after a long day on the water. I guess the Velcro becomes saturated and doesn’t hold as well when wet. Another thing that may be negative to some, but it hasn’t been a problem for me, is that they are flat, like sandals, so if you need heel or arch support, you may want to look elsewhere. No issues in that department thus far.






All in all I like the Tevas, I think they are a good choice for me or someone who wades Gulf coast streams like myself. I plan to edit this gear review as needed while I put these shoes through their paces.

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