Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

I awoke on Sunday to the same beautiful weather we had on Saturday for the tournament, so it wasn’t too hard to do it all over again. This time I hit some favorite redfish flats with fly rod in hand. It took awhile to find the fish, in fact I didn’t catch anything for a couple hours, seeing very few fish. It can be like that with sight fishing, so I wasn’t deterred. I finally came to a leeward bank that was holding reds and it was on. I caught 9-10 in short time and threw in a black drum and gar to boot. All taken on the same fly, a gold crab fly, I’m not quite sure the name of the pattern, but I’ll post up a pic below.







It is always a special treat to catch a leopard red, which is a redfish with more than two spots. Sunday I caught one with 5 spots, I think the most ever I’ve caught was 10, though I have personally seen one with over 20 spots. They are very cool to see. Even rarer, at least in my mind, is landing a redfish without any spots. I’ve caught one or two before and did it again on Sunday. Also cool, but they just seem naked to me when they don’t have any spots.



I’ve got some video to edit down, look for that tomorrow.