Lesson Learned

I read a story last week about a guy in Arkansas catching a largemouth bass that bested the old state record of 36 years by an ounce. It was 16.5 lbs, taken on a Mann’s Jelly Worm by Paul Crowder. I thought to myself, “Good for you Paul Crowder, that’s a heck of a bass.” Now we find out that he did it illegally, he didn’t have a license. A license which costs $10.50 annually to an Arkansas resident. Now his potential record is not allowed and he is looking at paying for it, with a fine and jail time.

Paul Crowder’s story went from “feel good” to “no good”, all because he ignored to purchase a license prior to fishing, even after receiving citations in the past. I see no excuse for this. None. What a tough way to learn a lesson.

I feel bad for the fish. Instead of having it’s rightful place at the top of the record books it is nowhere to be found, and dead too.

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