Pond bass

Got a chance to wet a line today in the neighborhood pond. I haven’t fished it since late January when I caught some channel cats and a pretty nice bass. Well it didn’t disappoint again. Winds today were pretty severe so I just used spinning gear, but I ended up catching 3 bass with 2 over 3lbs. I was throwing a jointed Rapala and all the hits came next to the bank. I don’t think the bass are currently on the beds, but I think they will be soon. I noticed we have at least 3 koi in this pond as well. I’ve got to figure out how to catch them on the fly. Time to do a little research….





  1. agitatedangler said:

    It might feel like cheating but those koi can be caught using the ol’ “bait and switch”: bread, bread, bread, white deerhair flaired and trimed on a hook. This does take some of the sport out of it but it a great way to get your wrist bent if you really need to catch a fish.


  2. Chuck Miller said:

    Work on your Quaker oatmeal flake fly pattern for the koi.


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