Daily Archives: February 26, 2012

This is a re-post from my Jackson team blog, but I wanted the info here too.

I’ve had a few people ask me about my paddle clip belt.  I guess it’s time I spilled the beans.  It’s very simple to put together and great for being stealthy in the marsh, as your paddle is not contacting your boat and making noise when you spot a fish.  Noise is vibration, fish can detect vibration in the water and will spook if they know something is not right.  It’s important not to spook the fish you are trying to sightfish and catch.

– Grab an old belt you’ve got lying around. I used a canvas/leather one made by Columbia.

– Take your paddle clip and line it up with your belt holes.  I used the Watertrail brand clip (bought for my old Native Ultimate, never installed it).


– Take 2 zip ties and run em through your paddle clip and belt at the same time


– Cinch em down and trim


Done, enjoy!