Other Freshwater Fish

Outside of the sunfishes and the salmonids I haven’t caught multiple species from one family, so I lumped them all together here. Most of these were caught as bycatch while fishing for bass. I have begun to target some of them a little more these days with the fly rod. The picture quality on a couple of these is less than stellar. It is pretty funny looking back at some of these old pictures, I could tell when I got my Pentax Optio, quality improved, it was 2006-2007, sometime when I was living in Alabama. Also, I didn’t include any of the chubs or shiners that I’ve caught. There are so many different kinds out there and I really didn’t feel it was worth my time to research just what kind of chub or shiner I had caught as bycatch. I don’t plan on targeting them at this point in my life.

Amia calva – Bowfin (choupique)

The bowfin is actually the only surviving member of the family Amiidae.

Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum – Rio Grande cichlid

The Rio Grande cichlid is the only cichlid species native to the U.S. They’ve been introduced to the City Park lagoons in New Orleans.

Esox niger – Chain pickerel

The chain pickerel is a member of the family Esocidae, for which Esox is the only living genus. Musky and pike are also Esox.

Ictalurus punctatus – Channel catfish

The channel catfish is in the Ictaluridae family, they are a family of North American catfishes. There are plenty of ictalurids out there, I just never target them.

Lepisosteus oculatus – Spotted gar

The spotted gar is in the family Lepisosteidae, which has 7 living species in 2 genera. Gar are another fish I rarely target, though they are everywhere around here.


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