Garage kayak storage

My wife and I just moved into our new home where we have a garage for the first time together. We both wanted to park our vehicles in it and keep the kayaks in there as well. I looked at a lot of different mounting options and got advice from several different folks. I decided to go with the Talic Kayak Tilt wall mounting system for it’s ability to accommodate wide boats and because I thought they just looked good. These were going in a brand new house after all. I have to say I’ve been pretty pleased with them so far. Installation was pretty easy, you just need a stud finder, tape measure, drill (with appropriate bit size), ratchet set, and a level helps. I probably should have done a step-by-step, but you get the idea. It really isn’t that hard to load and unload the Coosa by myself from the upper set of racks, but I wouldn’t want to put the Cuda up there, without some help at least. I also left myself enough room to store a 3rd kayak on the ground under the Cuda, if I ever need another (perhaps the Big Tuna?).







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