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A friend of mine has written a book on the subject of redeye bass.  Here is the teaser on Amazon:

“Do you like fishing secluded, flowing streams that involve hiking and climbing waterfalls to catch native fish? Fly fishing for redeye bass is similar to fly fishing mountain streams for native brook trout. They are actually referred to as “The Brook Trout of Alabama.” Fly Fishing for Redeye Bass is a complete book on redeye bass and how to catch these beautiful fish throughout the picturesque of the southeastern United States. Learn about the rivers they call home, the dangers that threaten those waters, and why some species of redeye bass need our immediate help. Understand how to read water and locate optimum redeye bass habitat, what food they eat, and how to best imitate that food with flies. After reading, you will have a firm understanding of why they are the perfect fish for the adventurous fly fisherman.”

I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but knowing his passion for the species I know it will be a must-have for any Southern fly fisherman.  It’s currently available on Amazon, but be on the lookout for it in fly shops across the South.

Now is the time of year that all the big outdoor companies are releasing their new products to look for in 2013, Jackson Kayak included. Shows like iCAST, OR, and IFTD are the epicenters of this activity and for those that won’t be in attendance all we can do is wait for the info to trickle down. Fortunately JK has put out a video to satisfy our appetites which highlights their new boats and a few are sure to interest kayak fishermen. Check it out:

If they weren’t already, the folks at JK are up to their eyeballs in kayak fishing. With a new SIK and a new SUP specifically catered to fishermen, plus the arrival of the Cuda 12, they have shown that they are taking the kayak fishing contingent serious. Flying under the radar is the Cruise, which is basically a bare bones Cuda for less, a real sleeper in my opinion. Be sure to check out the JK website for more information on all the new boats, especially this page:

I can already tell that a Cuda 12 is in store for me. 11-13′ boats are right up my alley, especially if I can stand in them, there is no better size for river and marsh fishing, which just happens to be what I like to do.

UPDATE: Isaac Miller has done an outstanding job of previewing the 2013 kayak fishing lineup from Jackson, much better than I could have, check it out here: