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Squeezed in a little fishing in the neighborhood pond before the rains came. Threw a popper for an hour looking for bass, but nothing took interest. Then tied on a big rubber legged nymph in hopes of fooling one of the resident koi, but it went to work on the catfish – dubbed “thundercats” due to the looming storm. I love the way catfish fight!





Thundercats hoooo!

Hit a couple ponds on Friday after work looking to catch a few bass on top. The first one was in good shape and I found the bluegill to be very aggressive to both the popper and the dropper. The big bass were in shallow water, sitting on beds and unresponsive to anything thrown their way.  The smaller male bass though would swipe at a fly, I managed to land a few of them.



The second pond I hit had active bluegill as well, though not the size that I found in the first pond. The catfish were pretty active too. Throwing a slow sinking streamer out to the middle of the pond, let it sink, then hold on was the strategy for the cats. I did catch one on top though which was pretty cool. Managed a nice bass on top as well.





Capped Friday off with a tour of the Tin Roof Brewing Co. here in Baton Rouge. Every Friday from 5-7 they offer free tours and with the tour you get three free beers. You can’t beat that with a stick. They have an amber(Perfect Tin), a pale ale(Voodoo Bengal) and a blonde(Tin Roof Blonde). The blonde was my favorite, while the amber was Amanda’s. Right now you can only find Perfect Tin in stores, it comes in cans. I’m a big fan of the current trend to can craft beer, I hope it continues.



Here is a great video that lumehouse put together on the Tin Roof story:

It was a beautiful day out at Lake Martin today. Sunny with temps in the upper 60s, maybe even hitting the lower 70s. Lots of folks showed up for the paddle demo day that Pack & Paddle had at Lake Martin. The P&P crew were working like a well oiled machine getting people in and out of boats and out on the water. It really was a sight to behold. John and Becky Williams really put together a great weekend of events and it showed. This only confirmed to me that kayaking is more popular now than ever. Along with it, kayak fishing has seen steady growth for several years now. That can only mean good things for the future as more retailers realize the potential.

I didn’t get any pictures, but Chris Haley of Cajun Paddle Tools was out there with a couple of his kayaks. The cajun standup bar they make are really nice and perfect for folks that want that extra stability and piece of mind that having a lean bar provides. They are really well made, awesome products.




The demo lasted from 10 – 2, so I was able to make it home and squeeze in a trip to the pond. Caught a bass and a bunch of channel cats. I think this pond is loaded with cats because I have never really caught that many before. They are suckers for black wooly buggers stripped slow and they fight hard. They bull dog straight to the bottom and try to stay there, it’s a hoot on a light weight rod!



This report is from 01/29, temps were actually warmer then. Hopefully I can wet a line this week sometime. I wanted to fish today but I wussed out, too cold and windy.

Hit the new neighborhood pond for the first time since we’ve moved into our new house. I like it so far. Caught a couple channel cats, a few LMB (one was a fat 2.5lbs), and a bluegill on a BH black woolly bugger. Best fight was from one of the cats, he was bulldogging me trying to stay on the bottom. Got to try out a new Redington Predator 6wt, so far it is impressive. I got it for summertime redfish, it should fit the bill.