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The neighborhood catfish are getting fat!

IMG_0435 IMG_1786

Fished the neighborhood pond after work yesterday. Caught 5 bass and 5 catfish, most on this big brown woolly booger. Nothing too big, the catfish fought pretty hard though.



I also caught a bass on a slider and in his gullet were 3-4 snails, I tried to get a pic, but the macro focused on his gill rakers instead. You can kind of see a snail on the right. I had no idea bass would eat snails, this pond is loaded with them. Should keep the bass fat and happy. The more I fish, the more I realize that bass eat everything.



Squeezed in a little fishing in the neighborhood pond before the rains came. Threw a popper for an hour looking for bass, but nothing took interest. Then tied on a big rubber legged nymph in hopes of fooling one of the resident koi, but it went to work on the catfish – dubbed “thundercats” due to the looming storm. I love the way catfish fight!





Thundercats hoooo!