North Georgia Steelhead

I’m taking some liberty here with the term steelhead, but the creek behind the cabin has several rainbow trout in it that certainly look the part. I caught a few of them when I was last there and missed many more. These fish aren’t migrating up from anywhere, so don’t let it be mistaken, North Georgia does not have a known steelhead run, lol.

It seemed like the size of the fish I caught decreased as the week wore on, but I began to size my flies down too, so that outcome could have been predicted. I began to pick up river chub when I did, which are always prevalent. I’ll never complain about a tug on the line, especially when it’s from a native fish.

I just wanted to share a few fishing shots from the trip North Georgia. It’s always special when we head up there and this year was no different. We fit in a ton of excursions away from the cabin this time around and I think the kids really enjoyed it. The whitetail population is doing very well up there as this is the most we’ve ever seen, lots of mommas with fawns.

  1. Cole Miller said:

    Beautiful ,,, thanks ! What size/weight rod is that Redington you are using ?

    Cole Miller Director of Training

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    • That’s an older version of the Redington Predator which is a 7′ 10″ 6wt with a fighting butt, which I like for the bigger trout. On this trip I had the 6wt rigged with my dry-dropper setup and my 7wt TFO TiCr as my streamer rod.


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