Daily Archives: September 3, 2015

Just saw this on the Chum and I had to shake my head.


The inaccuracies are numerous and some quite hilarious.  As Moldy Chum points out, “Bonefish in Alaska!”.  I especially like the source list at the bottom – “Hey, don’t blame us if it’s wrong.”

Just for fun I’d like to invite everyone to comment with any errors that stand out to them, I’ll start:

  • That’s the bassiest looking redfish I think I’ve ever seen
  • Missouri is a black hole for bluegill
  • No channel cats in Louisiana, could’ve fooled me
  • Redfish record is from NC – yet the map says otherwise
  • Isn’t casting and spinning gear kind of a toss up, guess fly gear is not up to snuff

This is the kind of thing ad that has the best of intentions, but if you’re not 100% certain that the information you’re trying to display is accurate, prepare to be hammered.