Meeting the Neighbors

Two short post-work walks around the neighborhood gave me a good chance to say hello to a few of the neighbors.   They’re the quiet type who tend to keep to themselves, but dangle a free meal in front of their face and they will gladly accept the invitation.  I know they’ve got some fat friends that I’d really like to meet, maybe we can make that happen next time out.




  1. Nice Ben. Sorry I couldn’t make the Fly Fishing Film Festival. I did want to talk to you about helping me make a short movie of my own. I love the GeoBass stuff but obviously don’t have the budget or the time (you either with that beautiful daughter of yours) to take those road trips. However, I’m thinking about doing a spoof on their idea called NeoBass (for neighborhood bass). It would be our desire to catch big bass from local (not a whole lot of driving) neighborhood lakes and ponds. Instead of trying to fish with the Mexican drug cartel, we’ll just have to fool the neighborhood Lake Natzis. 🙂


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