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Starting this month I’m going to feature a different beer that I’m drinking, and liking, every month.  The idea was tossed to Catch on the Louisiana fly fishing site and I liked it so I’m going to run with it here.  I’m not going to give you a full blown review because honestly I couldn’t do each beer justice., but I do know what I like though and that is what I’ll share here.  I’ll try to link a review from an actual beer blog if you want to know a little more about each featured beer.

For August, I’m going to keep it easy and feature the Commotion Pale Ale from Great Raft Brewing.  The American pale ale has been my favorite style for awhile now and this one did not disappoint.  The Commotion is out of Shreveport and I was able to find it in Tonore’s Wine Cellar up in Monroe, LA.  The Pickle Barrel also has it if you want to sit at a bar and drink one.  Grab a sandwich too because they’re pretty good.  Distribution of Great Raft beer has been limited to North Louisiana but you can expect to see some of their beers in New Orleans next year.  Here’s what Great Raft has to say about the Commotion:

“This pale ale has a slightly fruity aroma, with an upfront hop bitterness of grapefruit and citrus. This complex but balanced dry-hopped ale is faintly sweet, but soft through the generous amounts of wheat.

Malts: Pale Wheat, 2-Row, Caravienne
Hops: Bravo, Cascade
Yeast: House Ale
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 49
Availability: Y ear-Round”
What really stands out about Commotion is the can design.  It really is quite exceptional – if you see this beer in a store on a shelf you are likely to buy it.  You’ll thank yourself later too because it is damn good. Oh Beautiful Beer had a great write-up (with pictures) on the background of Great Raft’s can design.
If you’re a pale ale fan I highly recommend picking up some Commotion next time you’re up in North Louisiana.
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