Daily Archives: September 12, 2012 and get together and put out an annual Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards and they are going on right now. As I scrolled through the list making my selections I was surprised to see this blog as an option for Kayak Angling Blog of the Year. I thought that was pretty cool and I thank whomever nominated me. This scene from The Mask immediately came to mind:


If you want to play along you can follow the link below. There is no incentive for winning so just one vote is all that’s needed. If you vote for this blog, great! Good karma is sure to come your way. More details from the website below the link.

Kayak Anglers Choice Awards (KACA) is a joint venture between and Each year kayak anglers from across the globe nominate and vote for their favorites in various categories like Kayak Angler of the year, Kayak Fishing Guide of the year, Kayak of the year, and more. The KACA are the only kayak fishing specific awards driven solely by kayak anglers.

Nominations for the KACA run from June 1st to July  31st.

Votes for the Kayak Anglers Choice Awards will be taken from September 10th- October 10th. KACA polls will only be active during the voting and nominations phases.

Due high levels of suspicious voting activity, users will only be allowed to vote once.

This award consists only of the said Title and the admiration and respect of your fellow Kayak Anglers. There is no money or other considerations involved. This award is not intended as an offer of sponsorship or employment by KayakFishingRadio or and there is no responsibility or obligation on your part to either entity or them to you. You will own the bragging rights to the Title until the following year’s Choice Awards.

For questions regarding the KACA see the FAQ below or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Current KACA categories:

  • Kayak Angler” of the year
  • Kayak Fishing Guide” of the year
  • Kayak” of the year
  • Kayak Angler Forum” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Journal/Magazine” of the year
  • Most Innovative Kayak Angling/Fishing Product” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Tournament” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Online Tournament” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Retailer/Outfitter/Bait Shop” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Location” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Online Video” of the year
  • Kayak Angling Blog/Blogger” of the year