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Last month I got the opportunity to spend a few days working near Breaux Bridge.  In my down time I explored Lake Martin, though not by kayak on the water, but on foot at the Cypress Island Preserve, which is property around the lake owned by the Nature Conservancy.


In two mornings I covered the entire trail system and can say with certainty that there is no better place in south Louisiana to take someone to see an alligator than Lake Martin.  The clear waters of the lake hold an abundant population of the big lizards.  The fishing for bass, bream, and sacalait can be pretty good too, from what I hear, I haven’t put in the time there to tell you from experience.  It is a beautiful lake, full of Spanish moss covered cypress and tupelo trees.  It’s a place, I imagine, that is exactly what tourists picture in their minds when they think of our part of the country.  The levee trail at Cypress Island makes for a great place to take a walk.








IMG_4670Common blue violet (Viola sororia)





It was a beautiful day out at Lake Martin today. Sunny with temps in the upper 60s, maybe even hitting the lower 70s. Lots of folks showed up for the paddle demo day that Pack & Paddle had at Lake Martin. The P&P crew were working like a well oiled machine getting people in and out of boats and out on the water. It really was a sight to behold. John and Becky Williams really put together a great weekend of events and it showed. This only confirmed to me that kayaking is more popular now than ever. Along with it, kayak fishing has seen steady growth for several years now. That can only mean good things for the future as more retailers realize the potential.

I didn’t get any pictures, but Chris Haley of Cajun Paddle Tools was out there with a couple of his kayaks. The cajun standup bar they make are really nice and perfect for folks that want that extra stability and piece of mind that having a lean bar provides. They are really well made, awesome products.




The demo lasted from 10 – 2, so I was able to make it home and squeeze in a trip to the pond. Caught a bass and a bunch of channel cats. I think this pond is loaded with cats because I have never really caught that many before. They are suckers for black wooly buggers stripped slow and they fight hard. They bull dog straight to the bottom and try to stay there, it’s a hoot on a light weight rod!