Ours included a nice little surprise. I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Marin Elizabeth. 9 days early, she weighed in at 7 lbs even and measured 19 in. We made it home from the hospital Monday night and mom and baby are doing very well. I’ll probably never see as much time on the water as I have in the past few years because let’s be honest, who could leave that beautiful girl for any extended amount of time?


Baton Rouge is somewhere in that light pink, between 12-14″. That break in the rain we had this past weekend was just that, a break. It has been raining ever since, though not as heavy. The difference between this week’s rains and last week’s, besides the volume, is that temps have dropped and the rain is cold. This is what I imagine it feels like to live in England. Just a cold, misty, foggy, crap day, every day. Hope it ends soon, until then, Creedence seems fitting: