I was not planning on fishing this past weekend, there was way too much going on for me to even consider it, but it’s funny how plans change.

We took a family trip to Disney last week and I assumed that the long road trip back would have eliminated the desire to pack for a fishing trip and drive down to the coast.  I underestimated the power of social media though.

The Bama group was down in Grand Isle this past weekend and it seemed whenever I had a little down time to glance at my phone all I saw were fish pics and good times.  It was during the drive back on Friday that I happened to check the weather.  Near-perfect conditions meant that I had to try to make it happen, even if it was for just a day.

We made it back to Baton Rouge around noon on Saturday after having spent the night in Mobile.  What should be a 10-11 hour drive turns into a 14 hour one when you have two small kids.  I unloaded our vehicle then packed my stuff and took off hoping to squeeze in a little time to fish that evening.


I made it down to Leeville, pulled off the side of the road and squeezed in about an hour and a half of missed topwater strikes, wind knots, and otherwise dumb mishaps that hurried anglers make.  I did catch the smallest rat red in the world to eliminate the skunk, but I really probably would have been better off just holding off until Sunday.

Shortly after the last light of day dwindled on me I met up with the group at the camp and had a great time catching up with everyone.  This year brought a fresh batch of new faces mixed in with the old and all the talk was about how nice it was to not have to fight Mother Nature.

Since the weather looked fortuitous on Sunday I pitched the idea to some of the guys to try and hit some water that really required good weather like in the forecast to access it and found a few brave souls interested in the adventure.

Armed with our fly rods, James, Bjorn, Drew, and myself, headed out on Sunday hoping to find some big reds in shallow water.  It didn’t take long to find the shallow water and run into the reds, but they all seemed to be the same 18-22″ size.






The reds were roaming the marsh in small packs of 3-5 fish and were terrorizing the massive amount of bait that was holding tight to the banks.  After landing 5 mid-slot clones I began sightcasting the outside waters hoping to run into a bull red.  I saw a few bulls, but was never in any position to make a cast at them, usually seeing them too late.

I posted up on a shell island to get out and stretch my legs.  It had a good bit of current running around it from an incoming tide and I ended up catching a few decent trout tight lining a Matrix shad across a hard sand/shell flat.

The tide was very low at the start of the day and it rose throughout the day, allowing access into areas that were previously inaccessible.  With that incoming water though the clarity decreased and spotting the fish before they spotted you was becoming more of a challenge.  We headed back to the launch shortly after satisfied with a pretty successful day on the water.


A few weeks back I saw that the 3rd annual “Best of Louisiana Outdoors” was accepting nominations for this year’s categories.  I’m not sure that I even knew about the first two years of this deal, but somehow it came across my social media feed this year.  I got registered on the site and started giving nominations where I saw fit and I got to the “Best Redfish Angler (Non-Professional)” and thought, “Eh, what the hell, I’ll throw my hat in the ring.  Surely they won’t let some jackass that nominates himself into the finals” – well wouldn’t you know it, they totally did, though I suspect that in order for me to make the finals someone else must have also nominated me and to that person, or persons I guess, I am quite honored.

Thus begins my global campaign.  Under the Lagniappe category you can now cast your vote for yours truly as the “best” redfish angler in the state of Louisiana.  You’ve got to register before you can begin voting and I have no idea whether or not they will spam the hell out of those who register, but it would amuse me to no end to see my name there, so get out there and rock the vote.

It’s been a few months since I last caught a redfish, but don’t let the time off fool you, I can still catch them better than anyone else in this state, so allow me to stroll down memory lane to provide some evidence as to why I’m deserving of your vote: