A few weeks back I saw that the 3rd annual “Best of Louisiana Outdoors” was accepting nominations for this year’s categories.  I’m not sure that I even knew about the first two years of this deal, but somehow it came across my social media feed this year.  I got registered on the site and started giving nominations where I saw fit and I got to the “Best Redfish Angler (Non-Professional)” and thought, “Eh, what the hell, I’ll throw my hat in the ring.  Surely they won’t let some jackass that nominates himself into the finals” – well wouldn’t you know it, they totally did, though I suspect that in order for me to make the finals someone else must have also nominated me and to that person, or persons I guess, I am quite honored.

Thus begins my global campaign.  Under the Lagniappe category you can now cast your vote for yours truly as the “best” redfish angler in the state of Louisiana.  You’ve got to register before you can begin voting and I have no idea whether or not they will spam the hell out of those who register, but it would amuse me to no end to see my name there, so get out there and rock the vote.

It’s been a few months since I last caught a redfish, but don’t let the time off fool you, I can still catch them better than anyone else in this state, so allow me to stroll down memory lane to provide some evidence as to why I’m deserving of your vote:


















This short film from JK Media House was put together from a trip they took down here late last year.  They had a great week of fishing and filming with John from Pack & Paddle and Eddie and Lisa from PAC Kayak Rentals. I think I remember Jameson telling me this Spring that their Louisiana trip was the most fish they’ve ever gotten on film – which was music to my ears.  We are truly blessed down here in kayak angler’s paradise – come see for yourself.


It doesn’t look like they will let me embed on the site, but go check out the trailer for the film Unspoken from Living Waters Fly Fishing.   They’ve got some really incredible footage fly fishing for Rio Grande cutthroat.  I love seeing others as passionate about little cutthroat as I am and this video does a pretty good job of documenting that passion.  There is something about the entire process, from planning the trip to holding the fish and experiencing them in their native environment that really resonates with me.